If You Want to Be Lucky, Be Memorable

Luck isn’t something bestowed upon you so much as it’s something you create for yourself.  While there are many sources of the stuff, if you can lodge yourself in the memory of others you’ll rarely be without.

People feel lucky when good fortune comes to them, seemingly without any solicitation.  While that can happen, most of the stuff we consider “luck” happens because others want to help us and gives us opportunities.  This doesn’t happen to forgettable people, but rather those who are remembered.

Certainly it isn’t just as simple as that.  We all remember Hitler, but nobody wants to do that guy any favors anymore.  Nevertheless, if you’re a little more reasonable than some extremist hell-bent on genocide you can still become a recipient of good luck.  You just have to stand out so people remember you.  Here are a few ways to make that happen:

  • Be honest and speak your mind.  That doesn’t mean you have carte blanche to be an asshole, but that you shouldn’t shy away from what you feel and believe.  People don’t remember the conformists, so don’t be one.
  • Pursue what matters to you and share it with others.  You’ll be remembered for the work you do, unless you never show it to anyone.  It’s easy to get caught up in trying to make something perfect or worrying about the fear of rejection, but no masterpiece was built without a foundation of lesser work.
  • Always remain open to new people and experiences.  People quickly notice the difference between someone who is open, accepting, and willing to learn new things and someone who isn’t.  As you gain more experience it’s easy to believe you know most of what there is to know, but realistically you’ll never learn more than a small fraction in your lifetime.  Even if you think you’ve all but conquered a specific topic, consider what else you can learn.  Staying open not only ingratiates you with others, but it helps you notice chance as well.

Really, you could sum it all up just by saying “be yourself and you’ll be lucky.”  People remember, notice, and wish to help you because you stood out to them in the horde of people they’ve sifted through in their lifetime.  When gifts, job offers, introductions, assistance, and more come your way seemingly out of nowhere, you can rest assured it was the good luck you fostered yourself.

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