Five Cheap and Free Ways to Decorate Your Home

A little decoration can give a home a lot of personality and character, but if you’re at a loss for what to put on your walls here are five cheap (or free) options.

Make a Photo Pinboard

Photos cost a lot to frame, so if you want to display yours but can’t afford a bunch of frames you can put up a pinboard instead.  Pretty much any piece of cork will do.  I used Umbra Thork, but you can definitely get cheaper options (such as this one).  Then, with the aid of some push pins, you’ve got a fun looking photo wall (or four).

Hang Things You Like

I like cool backpacks and bags.  They look good, but they take up a lot of space.  Where’s a good place for them to go?  On the wall!  With some command hooks you can have a nice wall display in about five minutes using (mostly) items you already have.

Of course, backpacks aren’t the only options.  Some common wall-mounted displays include skate decks, designer toys (you can attach these easily with wall mounting squares), and

Organization Planters

Your walls can serve two purposes: decoration and organization.  The traditional route involves bookshelves and the like, but you can also hang planters and put useful utensils inside.  This works great for pens  and pencils in the office (or by the front door, which is where I tend to need them most), but also cutlery in the kitchen (just nothing too sharp).  The best part?  You only need to buy the planters because you’ve already got the rest.

Note: IKEA discontinued the ones I use but you can still buy them on Amazon at a mildly inflated price.

DIY “Decals”

Wall decals are awesome.  You can put some pretty killer designs on your walls with a little effort.  Unfortunately, these things tend to cost a fair amount and you can’t make your own easily.  With a little thick paper and tape, however, you can make some fun designs to stick on your walls.  Naturally, mine are poop (although they were a birthday gift).  This adds both color and personality without breaking the bank.

Canvas Prints

Most people shy away from canvas prints because they think the prints cost a lot and involve some level of creativity for the source material.  Neither of those things are true.

If you can create your own artwork, by all means go ahead and do it.  That’s awesome.  If you can’t, consider your source for cheap and free images.  Flickr has tons of great photos, stock photo sites sell all sorts of art-worthy illustrations, and, if it suits you, just print out a screenshot from your favorite video game.  Those can be cool, beautiful, or both.

As for the printing costs, that only requires patience. produces an enormous amount of custom goods in China and then ships them overseas.  Shipping is insanely expensive, and it’ll take weeks to get your prints, so why should you even bother with them?  Get on their mailing list and you can expect coupons for stretched canvas prints just about every other month at a discount and with free shipping.  It’s pretty much the cheapest option for this product I’ve seen anywhere, ever.

One thought on “Five Cheap and Free Ways to Decorate Your Home”

  1. Great suggestions here! As an owner of a small home (about 500-600 square feet) I really like the idea of combining decoration with cleaver space saving ideas. Thanks Adam!


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