Always Anticipate Obstacles When Making Goals

We all make goals with the best of intentions and fail to complete a fair number of them.  It’s disappointing in its own right, but also embarrassing when we tell everyone we’re going to get things done and then don’t.  You can avoid this problem by considering obstacles during the planning phase.

Good planning can make a world of difference.  It won’t guarantee you’ll reach a goal—nothing will—but it can help you prepare for the worst and overcome problems along the way.  When plotting out a goal you want to achieve, consider all the things that might get in your way.  Here are some starting points:

  • How much time can I devote to this goal?
  • What is the total time I expect to spend on accomplishing this goal, realistically?
  • Will my friends/significant other/kids become obstacles in this goal?
  • What are my financial needs in accomplishing this goal?
  • Will this goal cause any type of conflict with my other goals?

It helps to answer broad questions to figure out if you can realistically accomplish this goal in the timeframe you hope for, but you’ll need to figure out a number of specific questions to consider as well.  Furthermore, you should rank the goals you want to accomplish in order of importance so you can manage your time accordingly.  If you have 10 or even five goals, you’ll likely find that’s too much tackle at once.  You can always get to your remaining goals later, but I find it’s best to choose 2-3 to focus on at one time.  When you finish one, you can replace it with another that doesn’t conflict with the remaining goals and fits in well with your schedule.

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