Review: The Fifi Male Pleasure Device

You may have heard of the fifi from one of your convict friends because the prison-friendly, DIY sex toy inspired this version for the rest of us. How does a male masturbation toy for prisoners translate to the free and the brave? We tested the Fifi to find out.

Note: This written review is a condensed summary of the video review above.  Watch it for the full story!

The Fifi set out to take a clever masturbation toy for male inmates and turn it into something every man could enjoy.  It is essentially a mini yoga mat—available in a variety of colors—that you stuff with a female condom-like liner, lube up, and fuck to your heart’s content.  It wasn’t designed to revolutionize penile sensations or masturbatory habits, but rather provide an experience that doesn’t create an unpleasant mess and costs much less than the competition.

First, here’s what we liked:

  • It’s incredibly inexpensive to buy outright at $15.  Most of the time you’ll be paying at least three times more for a Fleshlight or similar sex toy.  Of course, you’ll need to purchase liners for each use so there is no cost ceiling but how much that affects you will depend on use.
  • You can adjust the tightness of the Fifi to suit your penis size and pressure preferences.  Because you just roll it up and velcro it together, quick adjustments are easy.
  • The Fifi is incredibly discreet.  While the Awkward Human home is filled with far more “offensive” items than a male sex toy and we don’t care about hiding our interests, most people do.  If you left the Fifi out or traveled with it, nobody would assume it’s a fuck toy.  Instead, they’ll probably think you brought a yoga mat for your pet gerbil (don’t read anything into that example, please).

Now, here’s what we didn’t like:

  • The disposable liner for the Fifi is thin, so it can bunch up and wrinkle a bit inside the device.  Most male masturbators are incredibly smooth.  While the Fifi’s more wrinkly sensation won’t necessarily be a negative for some users, it might be for others.  Fortunately, if you don’t like it you haven’t invested a lot of money into the device.  With a Fleshlight (or other more expensive toy) you are out a lot more cash if you use it once and throw it away.
  • While the Fifi is generally quite easy to use, you can’t ignore procedure.  The liner really needs to go in prior to velcro-ing the device shut.  This isn’t a big deal, but we still haven’t figured out the best way to handle the lubrication process.  On one hand, it’s much easier to get the lube into the liner when you do it as a first step.  One the other hand, you’re probably going to get some lube on your hands and that makes pulling the liner over the top of the Fifi a bit more troublesome.  These are small issues, but when you’re horny and want to get off you’re probably lacking the patience to want to figure out exactly what to do.  In time, practice will probably solve this problem for most users but it’s something to be aware of before you jump right in.
  • As previously mentioned, you have to buy liners to keep using the Fifi.  Compared to female condoms, the liners made for this device are actually a lot cheaper.  If you use the toy once a week the Fifi is still pretty cost-effective if you’re into it, so buying liners probably won’t be a deal breaker for most men.  That said, the liners currently only come in latex.  Those with latex allergies simply cannot use them.  Hopefully the folks at Fifi will make a polyurethane and/or polyisoprene option sometime down the road.

Overall, it’s a good product.  If you’ve used a Fleshlight you shouldn’t expect the same sensations from the Fifi.  It’s like a compromise between a silicone male masturbator and your hand—pretty much what it set out to be.  While we think some guys will like the sensation, we also think others may prefer something more subtle.  It’s really a personal choice.  Fortunately, the thing costs $15 so it’s a chance worth taking if you’re in the market for a male masturbation toy.

Want to check out or buy the Fifi?  Go to

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