About & Contact

Awkward Human specializes in the strange and unusual parts of life.  The things most people find awkward and uncomfortable, we find wonderful and fascinating.  We make all kinds of media, from old fashioned books to new fashioned games and apps.  This site is a hub for our best work, plus a blog full of everything awkward we can find and think of.


We’ve just completed our first book, the Awkward Human Survival Guide, which will be published by Sterling Publishing in April 2014.  You can order it now on Amazon.

We’ve written a companion film for this book as well, and you can help get it made by making a donation.

Finally, we’ve created a card game called Bukkake! that combines both skill, luck, and Japan’s favorite naughty pastime.  You can learn how to play or order a copy of the game!


If you have questions or comments for our podcast, or just want to get in touch, you can do so via the form below.  You can also leave us a podcast voicemail at 323-456-3345.

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